Infosys Consulting in 2006: Leading the Next Generation of Business and Information Technology Consulting

By Robert Burgelman, Aneesha Capur
2006 | Case No. SM151
This case describes Infosys Technologies’ approach to growing the company by expanding its service offerings; moving up the value chain to offer higher end consulting services; improving its brand equity and recognition as a global company; increasing revenue through repeat business from the company’s client base and entering client relationships earlier in the lifecycle by defining problems and identifying solutions before implementing the solution. This case considers whether Infosys Technologies—through the creation of a wholly owned U.S.-based subsidiary, Infosys Consulting—has created disruptive change in the IT consulting industry by leveraging its competency in global delivery to create a new model that shortens the lifecycle from business consulting to implementation, reduces the costs of a typical client engagement and delivers measurable benefits to clients. The case is set in early 2006. An overview of the Information Technology (IT) services landscape is provided for this period. The case profiles leading onshore (U.S.) and offshore (Indian) competitors and describes their different approaches to global delivery in the IT consulting industry. Also see SM195 Infosys Consulting in 2011.
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