Revolution Foods

By Bethany Coates, H. Grousbeck
2008 | Case No. E322
In April 2007, Kristin Richmond laced up her sneakers and began the four mile run to Kirsten Tobey’s house. It was a Saturday morning, but the two co-founders of Revolution Foods (RevFoods), a provider of healthy meals and nutrition education to schools in San Francisco and Los Angeles, felt pressure to finalize a plan for effectively managing their relationship with Maria Nunez. Nunez, a skeptical and influential food service administrator, had been undermining the RevFoods program at Green Academy, a charter school in California’s Bay Area. Richmond and Tobey believed that if they did not address the issue now, their contract with the school could be revoked, an outcome that could threaten RevFoods’s standing with other schools. As Richmond jogged up the last hill before reaching Tobey’s residence, she wondered how best to turn their tense relationship with Nunez into a productive partnership.
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