Sandy Kurtzig (D)

By Mark Leslie, Erika Feldhausen
2020 | Case No. E727D | Length 2 pgs.

This case introduces students to Sandy Kurtzig, the founder and CEO of the ASK software company, and the first woman to take a Silicon Valley tech company public. It gives a brief background of the protagonist and then presents students with 4 different dilemmas from Kurtzig’s experiences as an entrepreneur and investor.

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E727C: Sandy Kurtzig (C)


E727E: Sandy Kurtzig (E)


Learning Objective

This case is designed to prompt students to discuss how to navigate a variety of challenging situations that they might encounter as entrepreneurs or investors. Students are asked to think about how they would have made decisions or addressed the dilemmas faced by Kurtzig. The case particularly focuses on decisions to flout conventions, respond to a customer who breaks a contract, and address misconceptions about women in business.

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