Touring In The Galapagos Islands

By William Barnett, Brady Beaubien, William Durham
2002 | Case No. SI36
The Galapagos Islands are referred to as the birthplace of modern day ecotourism. Alongside fishing, the business of providing “eco-tours” has become the principle means of income for the approximately 16,000 inhabitants spread among the five inhabited islands. Mostly using locally owned, live-aboard boats, operators conduct tours ranging from three days to two weeks for small groups of up to twenty passengers. While giving brief mention to the fishing industry in the Galapagos Islands, this case focuses on the Angelito, a 70 foot wooden yacht, owned by the Andrade brothers, both born and raised in the Galapagos. The case explores the various economic and environmental issues that the Andrade brothers face in operating the Angelito and their cruise business, giving special attention to the efforts of local Galapoeans to preserve and enhance their business prospects.
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