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Coley Andrews
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Andrews is the Managing Member and co-founder of Pacific Lake Partners, a firm focused exclusively on the Search Fund model. Andrews is a board member of multiple search fund companies including, Morningside Translations, IS LogisticaFieldEdge, Inspired eLearning, Circle Surrogacy and is an observer at AlphaCredit and Raptor Technologies. Andrews graduated from Dartmouth College and has an MBA from Stanford. Andrews teaches STRAMGT 355, Managing Growing Enterprises, with David Dodson.


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In the Managerial Skills Labs we examine several common managerial challenges faced by executives. Together with Faculty, students explore these topics using four case examples, each asking students to evaluate a series of situations, develop...

This course is offered for students who, in the near term, aspire to the management and full or partial ownership of a new or newly-acquired business. The seminar, which is limited to 45 students, has a strong implementation focus, and deals in...