Collins Dobbs


Collins Dobbs

Lecturer in Management

Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership for 2023-2024


Collins Dobbs is a lecturer in management and executive coach at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He teaches in several MBA courses, including Interpersonal Dynamics, Leadership Labs, and Arbuckle Leadership Fellows. He serves as part of the training faculty for the Interpersonal Dynamics Facilitator Training Program, and has served as an executive coach for several years in The Paths to Power. He also has experience teaching and coaching in several Stanford Executive Education programs, including teaching leadership in the Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies’ Seed Transformation Program for high potential leaders, Interpersonal Dynamics for High-Performing Executives, Interpersonal Dynamics Weekend Lab – Leadership from the Inside Out, Asian American Executive Program, amongst others.

Collins has over 20 years of experience as an educator, executive coach, and organization consultant, working with scores of executives and leadership teams to help them assess and modify their leadership behaviors in service of achieving their operational targets and professional growth goals. His particular passion for understanding diverse leadership styles and cultures has enabled him to design and teach leadership courses and consult in both commercial and nonprofit organizations in 18 countries around the globe.

Collins is currently a member of National Training Laboratories Institute, National Black MBA Association, and the National INROADS Alumni Association. He earned an MBA and Bachelor of Science degree in management and international business from Duquesne University.


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