Bryce McLaughlin

Bryce McLaughlin
PhD Student, Operations, Information & Technology
PhD Program Office Graduate School of Business Stanford University 655 Knight Way Stanford, CA 94305

Bryce McLaughlin

Faculty Advisors

Research Statement

Bryce's work centers on communication between machine-learning algorithms and humans. While the standard Data to Decisions framework treats the output of an algorithm as a decision, thus evaluating how a machine could perform if given complete decision authority, Bryce studies when the algorithmic output is given as input to a decision-maker with exogenous properties. This changes the question to ask how algorithms can best assist a human when they are given none of the decision authority and highlights the intimate relationship between optimal algorithm design and the decision-maker's interpretation of the algorithm.

Research Interests

  • Human-AI Interaction
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Algorithmic Bias
  • Behavioral Operations