Rebuilding Together Peninsula II

Fall-Winter 2021
Project Type
Full team
Project Focus
Market Analysis,
Marketing & Communications
Organization Type
Community or Economic Development


For over thirty years, Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) has been the primary agency thousands of low-income Peninsula homeowners have turned to for critical repairs and improvements to help them continue to live independently in safe and healthy homes. RTP’s mission is “repairing homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives.”


Despite its deep roots on the Peninsula and decades spent repairing thousands of homes and community facilities, RTP faces a general lack of market recognition. Conversely, Habitat for Humanity has significant name recognition despite a small local presence. This lack of brand awareness directly impacts RTP’s ability to attract new corporate sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Like many nonprofits with limited budgets, RTP faces challenges in reaching its audience. This situation has been complicated by the pandemic and resulting budget cuts. The situation is improving as the pandemic recedes.

Project Objectives

Rebuilding Together Peninsula asked for ACT’s help in developing a marketing plan to effectively engage and communicate with sponsors, donors, beneficiaries, and volunteers.

Project Overview

First, the ACT team reviewed all secondary sources including documents provided by the client, a recent local housing report from UC Berkeley, census data, and web material. The census bureau was contacted to get additional information.

Second, the ACT team conducted a series of interviews that included members of the RTP board, key RTP staff, key volunteers (construction captains), other Rebuilding affiliates in the Bay Area and across the US, housing-oriented federations, and county and city officials.

Key learnings from the research were distilled and put together for the client in a Strategic Review that also served as a mid-term check-in.

A marketing toolkit was then developed for RTP. This consisted of several documents. This toolkit was presented in sections at multiple forums including at the Marketing Committee.

Finally, a project wrap-up was done to the board where the entire project was reviewed.

Key Recommendations

The ACT team provided:

  • a Messaging Map that RTP could use to articulate its value-add for various audiences and situations across channels,
  • a Targeted Campaigns plan to provide more variety and interest over time,
  • a Social Media plan to provide recommendations for both organic and paid posts including sample posts,
  • website improvement suggestions,
  • CRM recommendations to show RTP how it could improve the sponsor recruitment process and use business intelligence to tune its marketing strategy,
  • implementation and staffing guidelines.