Evernote: Growth Options in January 2011

By Haim Mendelson
2014 | Case No. E519 | Length 7 pgs.
Evernote is a suite of cloud-based software and services designed to augment the user’s brain by capturing pieces of information in multiple formats, organizing, indexing and storing them, and making them easily searchable. The company grew dramatically using the “freemium” revenue model that allows users to use the product for free unless they need special features or their usage exceeds a threshold. The case study describes the Evernote business model and the company’s growth. Students evaluate the company’s growth options (e.g., international growth - particularly in China, new product features, acquisitions, or new customer segments), as of January 2011.

Learning Objective

The case is designed to evaluate a startup’s business model and its growth options.
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