Huntington Hospital (B): Empowering Staff

By Sarah Soule, Davina Drabkin
2015 | Case No. OB91B | Length 12 pgs.

The B case begins with the consultants’ proposal to Kim Markey, executive director of revenue cycle at Huntington Hospital (HH).   The proposal is untraditional in that it is focused on more than revenue enhancement—it includes transforming the culture. 

This case details the steps that the consultants took to engage staff and change culture.  It describes how the consultants used Design Thinking, reactions from staff members, and the impacts on Accounts Receivable (AR) days.  The case concludes with the evolution of both the culture as well as the organizational structure. Also see, OB91A: Hunting Hospital (A): Empowering Staff.

Learning Objective

To be introduced to the basic principles of Design Thinking and learn about how it was used at Huntington Hospital to engage employees and help transform culture.

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