Laura Esserman - Driving Change

By Jeffrey Pfeffer
Case No. OB42V4
Laura Esserman, a surgeon and faculty member at the University of California at San Francisco, is engaged in a major effort to change the delivery of breast cancer services and the information systems used to support both research and patient care. In this video she shares her thoughts about how she could have done things differently and what might help her drive the change she is trying to make. She talks about the need to let ideas sink in and that it took a lot of time to make some of her ideas mainstream. Esserman emphasizes the importance of knowing when to let things go, making alliances, working in teams, and making sure that your allies benefit and get the credit they deserve. She concludes by discussing how she manages her work-life balance. This video is intended to be used with the written case OB42(A) Dr. Laura Esserman (A) and is part of Jeffrey Pfeffer’s Paths to Power Series.