QRS Corporation

By Eric Marti, Garth Saloner, A. Michael Spence
2000 | Case No. EC2 | Length 25 pgs.
This business case study focuses on QRS, a highly successful, fast-growing company that has carved a strong niche in providing electronic data interchange (EDI) and other electronic-commerce services to the retail industry. In July 1999, CEO John Simon was creating a strategy to sustain revenue and earnings growth of 30% per year. While the Internet presented a potentially powerful platform for QRS to continue growing its business, Simon observed that the retail industry had been slow to migrate to the Internet. Simon identifies several other growth strategies that are not based on the Internet. The case provides background information on EDI and recounts the origins and growth of QRS, with details about the company’s service offerings and competitive environment. From the information presented in the case, students can deduce the strategic logic that accounts for QRS’s success.
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