Selecting a CEO, The Leader, The Business Builder, or the Technologist

By David Larcker, Brian Tayan
2009 | Case No. CG15
In 2003, the board of directors of GDF decided to initiate a thorough search process to replace its existing CEO. GDF Corp was a leader in the telecommunications industry, offering network equipment and enterprise solutions to a broad range of customers around the world. The company’s business came under pressure during the technology bust of 2001 and 2002. An interim CEO was brought in to stabilize the company, but by 2003 the board realized that it needed a new CEO to bring the business up to the level of performance that the board and shareholders expected. This case describes in detail the external search process used by GDF. It also describes in detail the three finalists for the position. Readers of the case are asked to decide who they would select as GDF’s new CEO. They are also asked to structure the executive’s compensation.
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