Softbank Vision Fund: Changing Dynamics of Venture Capital

By Anne Beyer, Robert Siegel, Gelila Bekele
2022 | Case No. E782 | Length 14 pgs.
The SoftBank Vision Fund case examines the history and evolution of late-stage venture investing and explores SoftBank’s evolving investment strategy. SoftBank Investment Advisers, the investing arm of SoftBank group, manages two of the world’s largest venture capital funds - SoftBank Vision Funds 1 and 2. The SoftBank Vision Fund case follows Lydia Jett, Managing Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers, as she describes the firm’s pre-investment due diligence process and post-investment support to help address issues and accelerate growth. The case also explores the impact that large venture capital funds and non-traditional venture investors have had on deal size, speed of transaction and competition in venture capital investing.

Learning Objective

The learning objectives are:

  • Understand the changing dynamics of venture investing for later stage/growth investments.
  • Learn the Vision Fund’s investment decision making process.
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