By Ken Shotts, Sheila Melvin
2018 | Case No. P94 | Length 12 pgs.
This case describes President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs of 2018. The case covers the recent history of U.S. trade protectionism in these industries, as well as the domestic and international politics surrounding the Trump tariffs. The case discusses industry reaction to the tariffs, as well as their implementation by the Department of Commerce, and retaliation by other countries.

Learning Objective

The case is designed for use in classes on strategy beyond markets or global business. It can be used as a springboard for discussion of several different topics.

  • i) The politics and economics of trade.
  • ii) International trade policy and the WTO.
  • iii) Domestic interest group politics and coalition formation.
  • iv) Populism and nationalism.
  • v) To what extent were Trump’s actions on trade normal and to what extent were they abnormal, given the usual politics of trade?
  • vi) Integrated market and nonmarket strategy for companies that import and export goods in politically-sensitive industries.
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