Using Humor to Launch a Company: Sara Blakely (SPANX)

By Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas, Peter Seibert, Sara Blakely
2018 | Case No. M370A | Length 6 pgs.
This set of Humor: Serious Business “Caselet Studies” follows three visionaries (SPANX CEO Sara Blakely, Deloitte Partner Brian Fugere, and Friend of a Friend Productions CEO/Founder Eric Gurian) as they examine their strategic use of humor in the business world. Sara Blakely (in Using Humor to Launch a Company) explores how humor drove her revolutionary startup SPANX from a one-person startup to global phenomenon. Brian Fugere (in Bigger Than Bullsh*t) analyzes how humor helped infuse humanity back to the consulting world. Eric Gurian (in Humor Ignites Positive Action in Dark Times) discusses how humor engaged a community in a serious issue and moved people to action.

Learning Objective

Students will discuss and explore the various ways humor can be used strategically in a business context.
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