Shoshana Vasserman

Assistant Professor, Economics

Shoshana Vasserman

Assistant Professor of Economics

Lacob Family Faculty Scholar for 2021-22
Academic Area:

Research Statement

Shoshana Vasserman’s work leverages theory, empirics, and modern computation to better understand the equilibrium implications of policies and proposals that involve information revelation, risk sharing, and commitment. Recent projects span a number of policy settings, including public procurement, pharmaceutical pricing, and auto-insurance.

Research Interests

  • Industrial Organization
  • Applied Microeconomics

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Economics, Harvard University, 2019
  • AM in Economics, Harvard University, 2016
  • BS in Mathematics and Economics, MIT, 2013

Academic Appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business, 2020–present
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, 2019–2020

Awards and Honors

  • Padma Desai Dissertation Prize in Economics, Harvard University, 2019


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