Respond. Reflect. Rethink.

Nearly two years into the global pandemic, Stanford GSB faculty are helping us understand what’s changed and what’s ahead.

October 19, 2021

| by Dave Gilson
various intersecting graphics: a satellite, a computer chip, a rocket ship and medical needle, a crane, and small detailed diagrams. Daniel Liévano

Daniel Liévano

If COVID-19 had a motto, it might borrow Stanford Graduate School of Business’: In less than two years, the virus has changed our lives, our organizations, and our world. Amid the human toll, economic disruption, and ongoing uncertainty, the pandemic has created opportunities to respond, reflect, and rethink the way we do things.

As more Americans headed back to classrooms and offices and a vaccine-induced lull gave way to the Delta variant, we asked Stanford GSB faculty members to share how they’ve been engaging with this unique and urgent moment. From the mechanics and ethics of vaccine distribution to imagining the post-pandemic workplace and economy, here are some of the ideas they’re exploring and the lessons they’ve learned.

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