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Here’s a look at what’s coming up on season two of Grit & Growth.

March 25, 2022

Welcome back to Grit & Growth from Stanford Graduate School of Business. We’re tackling the complex issues facing entrepreneurs who are building businesses in Africa and South Asia.

These emerging markets are exploding with opportunity and obstacles. And you’ll hear firsthand from entrepreneurs about their trials and triumphs, along with insights from Stanford faculty and global experts on how to overcome challenges and achieve success.

We dig deep on product innovation, negotiation, corporate governance, regulation, and retention. We hear stories about corruption, women in business, and the role of power.

Listen in and learn from entrepreneurs and experts on Grit & Growth Season 2.

About The Host: Darius Teter is executive director of Stanford Seed, a Stanford Graduate School of Business initiative that partners with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving enterprises that transform lives. Darius has held leadership positions at Oxfam America, the Asian Development Bank and with the US. Government where his experience included advising governments on economic policy, developing human rights programming, and financing infrastructure megaprojects across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Grit & Growth is a podcast produced by Stanford Seed, an institute at Stanford Graduate School of Business which partners with entrepreneurs in emerging markets to build thriving enterprises that transform lives.

Hear these entrepreneurs’ stories of trial and triumph, and gain insights and guidance from Stanford University faculty and global business experts on how to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Full Transcript

Darius Teter: Okay. We’re rolling. We’re good. Okay.

I’m Darius Teter, host of Grit and Growth from Stanford Graduate School of Business. In season one, we heard from entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout Africa and South Asia on everything from family succession to crisis management. But these parts of the world are exploding with opportunity, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. So we’re back with a whole new season of entrepreneurs and experts. And we’re tackling even bigger topics.

Deborah Gruenfeld: Power and powerlessness

Margaret Neale: Negotiation

Alexey Volynets: Corporate governance

Hakeem Belo-Osagie: Regulation

Darius Teter: We’re also talking about women in business, design thinking, staff engagement and retention, corruption, and tons more. And the stakes are higher than ever.

Charles Yeboah: I said, you know what? The deal is off.

Deborah Gruenfeld: It is very threatening to the people in charge.

Hakeem Belo-Osagie: The workers and some of the management had taken over the head office building and locked us out.

Aashish Agarwaal: That buy-in has to be there. Otherwise it’s doomed to fail.

Darius Teter: So join us every other Tuesday as we explore the unique challenges of building businesses in emerging markets and hear from entrepreneurs who are conquering those challenges every day, along with insights from Stanford Business School faculty. This is season two of Grit and Growth.

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