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January 9, 2017
Inside Stanford GSB’s ambitious venture to lift people out of poverty.
Workers drying spent brewery grain for poultry feed at Nation Feeders in Nigeria.
December 15, 2016
Stanford Seed intern Musila Munuve makes a lasting impact by tackling big projects at a mobile technology company.
Seed intern Musila Munuve
October 31, 2016
Stanford Seed Intern Michelle Gatonye gains invaluable experience as she delivers an expansion strategy for House of Tara.
Seed intern Michelle Gatonye with co-workers
August 24, 2016
Stanford Seed Intern Mai Tran’s talents and adaptability are put to the test as she develops a plan to introduce peritoneal dialysis to Nigeria.
Stanford Seed intern Mai Tran with the ADCEM employees
June 17, 2016
Stanford | 125|Minds meet and connections thrive at Stanford Seed’s East and West Africa centers.
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Insights on Seed Research

April 6, 2016
A change in the law could extend electricity to millions of people.
An illustration of a map of India with small electric grids | Stefani Billings
January 20, 2016
The quality of ideas produced through networking may depend on the personality types of those interacting.
A confidant woman leads a group discussion | iStock/pixdeluxe
January 11, 2016
Jim Yong Kim talks about how audacious goals bring real change.
World Bank President Jim Yong Kim says focusing on health care will help improve the lives of the world's poorest. | Reuters/Guadalupe Pardo
September 22, 2015
Workers who feel a sense of belonging stay in their jobs longer.
A woman hanging dyed yarn to dry at a textile mill on the outskirts of Agartala | Reuters/Jayanta Dey
August 19, 2015
The founder of a U.S. construction company spent a year coaching West African business leaders. Here’s what he taught them.
A photo in Ghana of businessman Richard Fadiora with SEED coaches Andrew Meade and Robert Mayberry
June 10, 2015
In Kenya, a Stanford researcher shows that ethnic diversity can spur productivity.
 Officials at a vote-counting center in Nairobi, Kenya | Reuters/Karel Prinsloo