Bay Area Ridge Trail Council

Spring-Summer 2024
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Bay Area Ridge Trail Council (RTC) plans, promotes, and sustains a connected hiking, cycling, and equestrian trail on the ridge lines above San Francisco Bay. Over 400 miles of trail are open and ready to explore and, when complete, the full 550-mile trail will connect 75 parks and open spaces. An annual calendar of trail outings and volunteer activities, including guided hikes and rides, trail stewardship events, and overnight camping keeps the membership engaged and activated. RTC’s events and trail outings mostly attract older individuals, many of whom are retirees with more time to spend on trails. Its existing members are getting older, and RTC needs to expand its membership. RTC would like to reach younger audiences and grow its community to better reflect the diversity of the Bay Area. RTC’s question: How can RTC best reach younger and more diverse audiences to build more awareness of the Ridge Trail in order to engage them to attend events, become members, and support the mission?

Date and Time for this Session: Tuesday, April 23 from 12-2pm Pacific