Community Resource Initiative

Spring-Summer 2022
Project Location
San Francisco, CA
Project Type
Fast track
Project Focus
Marketing & Communications
Organization Type
Human Services


Founded in 2007, Community Resource Initiative (CRI) is a collectively run investigation office and resource center, building narratives to challenge the death penalty and advocate for the value of human life. CRI collaborates with families and communities impacted by the judicial system to facilitate safety, growth, and resilience. CRI mitigators work with death penalty defense teams by providing documentation, data, and facts for a deep, clear, holistic view of the client’s background and situation. CRI also provides programming and support to affected families and communities and performs policy advocacy work.


How does Community Resource Initiative diversify revenue streams beyond fees for service, which are often capped, so that it can serve more families impacted by death penalty sentences across the state?


CRI has grown significantly over the past seven years by becoming a sought-after partner for criminal defense teams. Simultaneously, the pandemic has made it more difficult for CRI specialists to do the in-person work for which they charge service fees. As the pandemic eases, CRI expects visits and funding to stabilize, but the need for diverse revenue streams remains a priority to alleviate overreliance on service fees to scale CRI’s impact. Within the last year, the organization has hired two Co-Directors of Programs who are dedicated to increasing donations and grants.

Project Overview

While CRI has an eager, dedicated philanthropic programs department, it is a new group that needs assistance developing a communication strategy that will help the organization identify and reach potential networks and donors aligned with its mission. Specifically, CRI would benefit from 1) an assessment of its current marketing messages about CRI’s services, programming, and impact and 2) guidance about core message content. The organization would also appreciate evaluation of and high-level recommendations for optimal communications channels for each targeted funder group.


This is a Fast Track project:

  • Scope: Focused, specific organizational issue
  • Team Size: 2-3 consultants
  • Project Duration: 3 months
  • Estimated Time Contribution: 25-30 hrs total (per consultant)

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