Global Citizen Year

Spring-Summer 2024
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Since 2010, Global Citizen Year has provided college-aged students immersive learning outside of the U.S. The goal is to address complex global challenges by changing the composition, operating system, and impact of the next generation of changemakers. The 12-week Take Action Lab (TAL) program is at the core of Global Citizen Year’s current direct-impact work. TAL participants first complete a four-week virtual curriculum. Then for the subsequent 11 weeks, they live with a global cohort and have an apprenticeship focused on human rights as they are immersed in Cape Town, South Africa. According to a recent Harvard analysis, program alumni are growing in both self-understanding and global orientation. Going forward, Global Citizen Year intends to continue its program and also partner with higher education institutions to expand its reach and impact. Choosing the right early adopters will be critical to wider higher education adoption. Global Citizen Year’s question: How can Global Citizen Year determine the first-mover colleges and universities that would be strong partner leaders in promoting and adopting “Take Action Lab” principles and practices? 

Date and Time for this Session: Wednesday, April 17 from 11am-1pm Pacific