Silicon Valley Visual Arts

Spring-Summer 2024
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Silicon Valley Visual Arts has been supporting and promoting the visual arts from Pacifica to Gilroy since 1999. The completely volunteer-run organization organizes the annual Silicon Valley Open Studios, which is the largest artist event of the Bay Area. During this event spanning three weekends in May, 300-400 artists open their studios to the community and art buyers for an up-close and personal look into their creative process. Silicon Valley Visual Arts also supports artists by finding and hosting exhibition opportunities, developing artists who want to do art as a business through educational classes and resources, and providing an online gallery for artists throughout the year. The age segment primarily served by Silicon Valley Visual Arts skews over 50 so the organization would like to help more artists build their following and business by targeting younger, up and coming artists. The organization has reframed its value proposition to include education, a supportive community, and public exposure. Silicon Valley Visual Arts’ question: How can Silicon Valley Visual Arts share its updated marketing message to reach and attract more artists, especially younger ones, in the community it serves?

Date and Time for this Session: Thursday, April 11 from 12-2pm Pacific