Taking a Stand Against Racism

We are committed to driving change towards dismantling systemic racism by taking personal action, by embracing the expertise and energy of our community members, and by leveraging our resources.

Commitment to Change

As we state in this pledge, we, the leadership of the school, are united in our commitment to change. We know we have a lot of work to do, and will continue to update this page as we articulate the specific actions and initiatives required to achieve these goals.


Photo Credit: Elena Zhukova
October 15, 2020

Leadership for Society: The Podcast

Join Professor Brian Lowery as he sits down with prominent leaders for a series of conversations on the most pressing issues of today.
Free Learning Resource

This self-paced journey is designed to take about 45 minutes a day. It includes a series of readings, exercises, opportunities for reflections, and actions you can take.