Stanford GSB unequivocally stands against racism

Taking a Stand Against Racism

We pledge our commitment to drive change towards dismantling systemic racism by taking personal action, by embracing the expertise and energy of our community members, and by leveraging our resources.

“We at Stanford GSB strive to be inclusive and welcoming. Yet, we can and must do better. For the coming year, we will make our Black community a specific focus of our work.” — Dean Jon Levin, June 7, 2020

Commitment to Change

In 2019, we took a hard look at our performance in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and articulated broad goals for the school in order to hold ourselves accountable.

Today, these broadly defined goals continue to be our focus: Increase the diversity of our community; create an inclusive classroom and learning experience; create an inclusive and welcoming campus community; empower and support communities underrepresented in our efforts to date, with a specific focus on our Black community; and support new research efforts. In addition, we want to harness the power of existing networks — within Stanford GSB and Stanford University, across our students and alumni, and within society — to extend our impact beyond the school.

As we state in the pledge above, we, the leadership of the school, are united in our commitment to change. We know we have a lot of work to do, and will update this page as we articulate the specific actions and initiatives required to achieve these goals.

In the Media

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June 30, 2020
Marla Blow, MBA ’99, shares her experience with inequality in the financial services industry.
Business Insider
June 28, 2020
This op-ed, coauthored by Senior Associate Dean Sarah A. Soule, discusses the differential policing of white and black protesters.
Fast Company
June 26, 2020
Susan Alban, MBA ’11, discusses race-based inequity and how acknowledging and changing our biases is a critical piece in the fight for equal pay.