Activities & Organizations

As a Stanford GSB student, you are part of the greater Stanford University student body. That means you can participate in all extra-curricular programs, organizations, performances, and forums available that make your life as a Stanford student richer.

Student-initiated clubs at Stanford GSB provide students with channels to address issues most relevant to them and offer opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.

Clubs invite speakers from companies and organizations, engage the community in awareness and service activities, and build connections that complement classroom learning.

Student Spotlight
MBA 2016

A native of Togo, Nadou moved to DeKalb, Illinois as a young girl. She graduated magna cum laude in finance and management from Carroll University, and then worked in finance at Kimberly-Clark and Google for six years. Nadou is chief operating officer of the MBA Student Association and in August co-led a global seminar trip to South Korea for first-year MBA students. After graduation, Nadou would like to scale businesses that improve the lives of consumers in Africa.

Student speaking with Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber
Guest Speakers

A student-led program that brings respected global business and government leaders to Stanford GSB to share insights on effective leadership.

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Food & Agribusiness Club

GSB Food & Agribusiness Club serves to facilitate food and agribusiness-related dialogue for the purposes of educational, professional, social, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Friends of TALK

Friends of TALK functions as the steward organization for TALK, a hallmark tradition of the Stanford GSB experience in which students share their life stories with classmates in a vulnerable, intimate, and supportive setting. TALK exists to support Stanford GSB students in the process of self-reflection and meaning-making of their lives; to encourage an appreciation and empathy for the vast diversity of experiences represented within the Stanford GSB student body; and to strengthen community and facilitate relationship-building within and between the two MBA classes at Stanford GSB. To that end, we oversee the weekly gatherings of TALK and provide coaching to students as they prepare to share their stories.

Future of Cities Club

The purpose of the GSB Future of Cities Club is to provide an intersection point for cross-industry and cross-sectoral dialogue around complex issues and potential solutions that arise from urbanization. We will explore ways to make cities more livable, equitable, and sustainable through urban innovations, the transformation of traditional industries, governmental policies, and the participation of civil society.

Future of Mobility Club

Are you fascinated by self-driving cars, electrification, micro-mobility, urban air mobility, supply-chain technology and drone delivery? The Future of Mobility Club enables GSBers to gain a deeper understanding of the rapidly changing mobility industries and the innovative technologies behind these changes. The club also serves to build community around the shared interest in the future of mobility. If you’re excited about shaping the future of transportation and eager to learn more about the innovative technologies that will transform our lives, join the Future of Mobility Club!

Future of Work Club

The GSB Future of Work Club believes that every great leader is a people leader first. So whether you aspire to be a Chief People Officer, build an HR tech startup, or simply differentiate yourself as a leader who helps your people thrive, we’d love to have you in our community! When you join the Future of Work Club, you’ll gain access to programming focused on human capital, people leadership, and workforce development. We’ll connect you with other students passionate about those topics, provide you with opportunities to learn about cutting-edge trends changing the world of work, and, if relevant, help you navigate a career in the People space. We’re also helping bring together the growing community of alumni working in the People space, and we look forward to introducing them to our members.

Gaming Club

The purpose of the Gaming Club is to provide an environment for people to explore the gaming industry. The club focuses on two goals — one on the business side and one on the social side. On the business side, the club provides a place to gain insights into the industry and help students develop new venture ideas. On the social side, the club provides opportunities to network with other people interested in the gaming industry both within and outside the GSB, Stanford, and the Bay Area.

Golf Club

The GSB Golf Club’s mission is to provide its members with opportunities to learn one of the most critical and underappreciated business skills, the game of golf. To help members improve their level of play, the club will sponsor a number of instructional clinics focusing on all facets of the game (swing fundamentals, short game, etiquette, etc.). The club will also organize various opportunities for its members to compete with one another. These opportunities will include best-ball, team match play, individual match play, and scramble-style tournaments.  Finally, the club will attempt to secure discounts on equipment from local retailers and hold a club test day in the fall with one of the prominent club manufacturers.

Government & Politics Club

The club’s mission is to provide a non-partisan forum to discuss government and political issues, bring government officials to campus as speakers, and offer opportunities to meet with government officials in California and elsewhere.

Greater China Business Club (GCBC)

The Greater China Business Club is a platform, interface, and exchange for people interested in business in the Greater China region: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong. The club will provide opportunities to connect, share knowledge, learn, discover, and create opportunities. First and foremost, we strive to improve our members’ ability to succeed in Greater China-related business. We seek to do this using the following strategies:

  1. Pooling and expanding our networks with GSB and Stanford alumni as well as other members of the Greater China business community
  2. Conducting educational events to increase the depth of our understanding of Greater Chinese business
  3. Promoting the Stanford GSB brand name in Greater China and within Greater China business circles in the Stanford area

GSB Show

Every year, near the middle of the spring quarter, the entire GSB community awaits with bated breath the most spectacular — nay, — only quasi-artistic performance to be put on by the business school. The annual GSB show is a long-standing tradition here at Stanford. It is entirely student-written and student-run, and consists of videos, skits, and hilarious song and dance numbers, all designed to bring a bit of humor (that’s humour for the Europeans among us) and wit to an institution that, uhm, can use it!

Healthcare Club

The Stanford Healthcare Club is the primary life science and healthcare industry-oriented student organization at Stanford. We are headquartered at the Graduate School of Business, but our membership is interdisciplinary and drawn from the breadth of Stanford’s graduate schools, including MBA, MD, JD, and PhD/postdoctoral programs. Our mission is to build networks that will help Stanford students explore, pursue, and continue careers in businesses related to health care and the life sciences, including biotechnology and genomics, health care, pharmaceuticals, health care information technology (e-health), medical technology, venture capital, public/private equity investing, consulting, and investment banking.

Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA)

The Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA) is a community of students of Latino heritage. Our goal is to create a sense of community among the Latino students at the GSB, increase our interaction with alumni, undergraduates, and students in other graduate programs at Stanford, foster the professional and personal development of our members, and encourage leadership, both within the GSB and in the greater Latino community.

Improvisational Theater Troupe

We are a GSB-specific organization open to the entire Stanford community. Our mission is to provide equal access to the art of improvisational acting and to help students and staff gain comfort in public speaking, experiential role-playing, and fostering a community of support for constructive personal risk-taking and development.

India Club

The India Club aims to build and strengthen GSB’s ties with the Indian business and investor community, thereby increasing awareness about opportunities for information exchange and employment for GSB graduates in India. This goal is achieved through speaker series, small group dinners, and interactions with Indian companies and investors.

Jewish Business Student Association (JBSA)

The mission of the Jewish Business Student Association is to provide a welcoming Jewish community for all GSB students and their significant others. Through the JBSA, we are building a community that allows us to keep in touch, celebrate our high holidays, and make new friends. The Club organizes the traditional festivities around Jewish high holidays and sponsors other educational, social, and religious events to enrich the cultural life of the GSB community. JBSA intends to reach across and bridge the diversity of Jewish practices, backgrounds, and interests to strengthen the relationship and understanding within the community.

Latin American Student Association (LASA)

The Latin American Student Association (LASA) has the goal of strengthening the bonds among the Latin community at the GSB and all those interested in it while at the same time increasing the awareness of the GSB community in Latin issues. To fulfill its end, LASA organizes not only parties, barbecues, and other social gatherings but also speaker series, career development activities, and academic-related events.

Leadership Perspectives Committee

The student leaders of the committee are responsible for identifying and recruiting speakers, serving as class liaisons, and facilitating discussions for “Leadership Perspectives,” a four-unit elective that explores the principles and practices by which leaders institutionalize particular values within the organizations they lead.

Management Consulting Club

The Consulting Club serves members of the GSB community who have an interest or background in the management consulting industry. We focus on helping current GSB students explore careers in consulting and prepare for the rigorous case interview process.

MBA Admissions Ambassadors Program

MBA students participating in the MBA Admissions Ambassador Program play a significant role in the MBA Admissions Office’s recruitment and outreach efforts. Volunteers put a personal touch on the prospective and admitted student experiences at the GSB by serving on panels at information sessions, hosting coffee chats, welcoming newly admitted students, and executing two Admit Weekends.

MBA Class Gift Committee

The MBA Class Gift Committee is responsible for the campaign to raise funds for the MBA class gift, in partnership with the Stanford GSB Development Office.

MBA Student Association

The MBA Student Association is the elected MBA student government that acts as a liaison with the school administration and faculty. The SA is composed of a board of directors (the Senate) and several standing committees.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Club

The purpose of the club is to help the GSB community with well-being assistance and interventions such as nutrition counseling, Graham Weaver sessions, workout classes, and meditation workshops. This expanded focus can also help bring wellness-focused speakers, companies, and researchers to the GSB. The club also provides mental health industry-focused events and programming at GSB, including, but not limited to, info sessions, BBLs, recruiting, partnerships, etc. Finally, the club supports GSB students who are interested in wellness and/or mental health-related careers.

Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA)

The Middle East and North Africa club promotes the region within the GSB through speakers, recruiting events, admissions, and alumni events. The club’s focus is strictly on promoting the business and cultural aspects of the region, leaving the political part to other clubs at Stanford that are better suited.

Midwest Club

The Midwest Club aims to promote cultural awareness, career opportunities, and fellowship relating to all things Midwest at the GSB.