Making Change at the Intersection of Business, Government, and Politics

Members of the Government and Politics club share how they plan to effect change in the public sector.

August 02, 2023

| by Stanford GSB Staff

“By building skills to lead organizations and inspire people, I hope to spend my career enabling the government to better serve the American people.” — Myles Mann, MBA ’23

The mission of the Government and Politics club is to provide a space for students to understand and learn how to work with the government and public sphere to create impact at scale.

Open to students who are pursuing roles in government to those who are just curious about domestic or international politics, the Government and Politics club hosts a range of programming to engage club members in intellectual discussions, experiential learning activities, and the policy community. From public-sector leadership training to fireside chats with federal, state, and local government leaders, there are plentiful opportunities for students to learn how they can work at the intersection of business and government.

Students in this year’s Government and Politics club share how they plan to leverage their business education to make an impact in government, politics, or policy. Read their reflections by hovering over the image above.

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