Restoring Trust in Organizations and Leaders: Enduring Questions, Emerging Answers

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Restoring Trust in Organizations and Leaders: Enduring Questions, Emerging Answers

By Roderick M. Kramer, Todd L. Pittinsky
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2012

The sinking public trust in contemporary institutions is a multifaceted phenomenon with political, sociological, economic, and psychological antecedents and consequences. Restoring Trust in Organizations and Leaders is the first volume to adopt the multidisciplinary approach required to understand this decline and to propose and assess remedies. Editors Roderick M. Kramer and Todd L. Pittinsky have assembled contributions from leading psychologists, sociologists, economists, and organizational theorists.

In response to such blows to public confidence as the scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, numerous corporate accounting frauds, widespread retirement insecurity, the inadequacy of many school systems, and the failure of politicians in the United States and Europe to come to grips with the economic crisis, Restoring Trust offers a compelling and mind-opening mix of theory, examples, and practical prescription for the critical social problem of restoring public trust in organizations, institutions, and their leaders.

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Selected Editorial Reviews
In this timely volume, distinguished experts in social science research on trust come together to address pervasive and challenging issues of institutional trust. Representing multiple disciplines and research methods, ranging from grounded case study to archival analysis to experimental games, the contributors to this volume review cutting-edge research and theory on the nature and causes of declining trust in social institutions, corporations, financial institutions, political leaders, and decision-making authorities. A highly recommended read for academics, managers, and policy makers concerned with regaining public confidence in our social, financial, and political systems.
Marilynn B. Brewer, Visiting Professor of Psychology, University of New South Wales
Restoring trust in our institutions is one of the most important tasks that democratic leaders face. These thoughtful essays provide a good place to start the job.
Joseph S. Nye, University Distinguished Service Professor, Harvard University, and author of The Powers to Lead
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