Addressing Hearing Loss for 38 Million Americans

By Kevin Schulman, Noel Ayoub, Frank Lin
2023 | Case No. SM367 | Length 20 pgs.

New digital technologies and advances in hearing aids could help people hear more clearly, but hearing aids could cost thousands of dollars—and Medicare didn’t cover the cost of the devices.

This case study discusses the disruption to the U.S. hearing aid market in the United after the Biden administration created a new regulatory pathway for the sale and service of over-the-counter hearing aids, without a prescription. How would the five companies that had long dominated the market adjust to the change? How would new competitors like Apple develop retail strategies for Bluetooth-based products, and provide support and troubleshooting services?

Learning Objective

Students will study disruption that arises from regulatory change, and use this framework to discuss the challenges for existing companies and new competitors alike.
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