AES In Nigeria

By Lawal Dosunmu, John McMillan
2002 | Case No. IB29
The U.S. energy company AES is in the process of entering the Nigerian market through acquisition of a controlling equity interest in a 270 megawatt power generator project. AES has a unique mode of organization and operation that emphasizes integrity, empowerment, and social responsibility. For example, in the Pfeffer case, AES has over 20,000 employees worldwide by 1996, but no HR department, little or no strategic planning, no environmental department, etc. The Nigerian environment is very different in many dimensions (high levels of corruption, low infrastructure availability, different work ethics, highly charged politics) from the origins of AES in North America. How does AES juggle its core values and company culture in entering this new environment? How can AES be successful in this environment and remain committed to its core values?
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