American Colonial Heritage, Inc. Company Note

By Leandro Cuccioli, Steve de Bonvoisin, Raquel Gonzalez-Dalmau Lopes Gustavo, McKern R.
2007 | Case No. IB67A
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, American Colonial Heritage, Inc. (ACH) was a top-ten U.S. furniture manufacturer focused on the upper end of the indoor home furniture market. Founded in 1926, ACH had $517 million in revenue in FY2005. By January 2006, ACH operated eight plants in the U.S., employing 3,091 people. It was well established in the United States and Canada, with modest exports to the U.K. Increasing competition in ACH’s main markets from low-cost Chinese manufacturers was creating mounting pressure to find new avenues of growth. One of CEO Richard Ashcroft III’s top priorities was international expansion. The company had made only modest international expansion efforts in the past and Ashcroft wanted to bring a fresh approach to the issue. The company note goes on to provide detailed information on ACH’s history and past international efforts. Note: The company, the characters, and the quotations in this note, unless otherwise stated, are fictional and were created by its authors. No reference is intended to any person.
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