Apex PC Solutions, Inc.

By William Barnett, Jeff Chambers, Nathaniel Durant
1999 | Case No. E66
This case describes the origin and growth of Apex PC Solutions, a switching systems and cabinet solutions company. The case gives background on Kevin Hafer, the leader of Apex, its predecessor company, Apex Computer Company, and the client-server industry. Then, the case chronicles how Apex PC Solutions was spun out of Apex Computer Company and how Kevin took the leadership role. A number of important early strategic decisions are discussed. Then, the case describes the search for external financing, culminating with an investment from TA Associates, a leading private equity firm. The case then concludes with the issues from an important board meeting, where operational and organizational issues are discussed. Finally, one of the board members brings up the possibility of starting the process of an IPO and Kevin must evaluate if that’s a good idea.
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