Atlassian: Sales

By Kirk Bowman, James Lattin, Matt Saucedo
2017 | Case No. E625 | Length 14 pgs.

Atlassian: Sales examines the company’s unique, no-touch sales model for enterprise products that help teams track projects, collaborate, and build products. The case explores how the company developed and sold its first product, JIRA, and how early lessons helped shape the company’s no-touch sales model for all subsequent products. It then discusses the organizational effects of a low-price, volume-based model, and how the advocacy team and channel partners serve as keys to success for the approach.

Learning Objective

The teaching goal of this case is to help students understand a unique approach to enterprise sales that is low touch, low-price, and volume-based. The case also helps students understand the importance of developing channel partner relationships to help the model succeed in international markets.
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