The Business Environment of Nigeria

By Lyn Denend, v McKern, Philip Meza, Ekinadese Osayande
2010 | Case No. IB90
The Federal Republic of Nigeria was the most populous country in Africa. According to a July 2009 estimate, it was also the world’s 8th largest nation. With land area roughly twice the size of California, Nigeria was rich in natural resources, especially oil. However, the country seemed to have mineral wealth in equal measure to its economic, social, and political troubles. For decades, the country had grappled with tumultuous military rule, religious and ethnic unrest, as well as a highly unequal allocation of resources. Nevertheless, recent reforms and developments in key sectors had boosted economic growth and spurred a sense of optimism for the country’s future. The question was whether or not Nigeria could sustain this momentum, overcome its key challenges, and create a business environment that would allow it to compete on an international level. This paper provides a brief history of Nigeria and explores its current position in the global economy.
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