Challenge 4: Business Opportunities in High Potential Developing Countries

By Leandro Cuccioli, Steve de Bonvoisin, Raquel Gonzalez-Dalmau, Gustavo Lopes, R. McKern
2007 | Case No. IB67G
Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, American Colonial Heritage, Inc. (ACH) was a top-ten U.S. furniture manufacturer focused on the upper end of the indoor home furniture market. Alexandra Jones, who had earned her MBA a few years prior, worked on the International Expansion Team. In this case, Jones secures an opportunity to possibly land a contract to supply the United States government, the biggest of all customers. While Jones and the vice president of sales are ecstatic, other ACH department heads point out that ACH does not have the capacity to fulfill such a contract. Jones, however, is not deterred. The case details her evaluation of international markets—China, India, and Vietnam—for potential to expand ACH’s manufacturing capacity. Note: The company, the characters, and the quotations in this case, unless otherwise stated, are fictional and were created by its authors. No reference is intended to any person.
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