Checkr (B)

By Mark Leslie, Sara Rosenthal
2017 | Case No. E612B | Length 2 pgs.

Part B of the case reveals the option Checkr chose to pursue, and engages the students in a discussion about the factors (operational, financial, cultural, etc.) they must consider in making such a decision as the CEO of a rapidly growing company.

Also see case E612(A).

Learning Objective

This case is taught in Formation of New Ventures, a class that explores all aspects of the entrepreneur’s journey from ideation to company launch, growth, and scaling. The story of Checkr provides students with an inside look at two founders’ journey launching a business after identifying a need in the market. Though background check services are a less than glamorous industry, the almost $2 billion industry had seen little innovation in years, and Yanisse and Perichon believed they could deliver a better solution to meet the needs of a technologically advanced customer. Because the company achieves success out of the gate, students are exposed to the CEO’s challenge in both determining the strategic options for both and then choosing the best path forward when there is no clear “right” answer.

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