Destination-U, College Counseling on the Internet

By R. Ellis, Mike Harkey, Garth Saloner
2005 | Case No. E197
Mother and son tandem Toby and Greg Waldorf started Destination-U, an online college matching service, in April 2004. Greg had a deep background in start-ups and technology companies, most notably as an early investor in eHarmony, an online dating service. Toby had 15 years of experience as a college counselor. With Destination-U’s social mission and family ties, the pair was able to raise start-up capital with ease. While the company had been successful in building a useful matching service and getting visitors to the site by July 2005, it had yet to earn a significant volume of sales from its subscription-based business model. With the busy fall college selection season approaching, Destination-U had to rethink its business model.
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