By David Dodson, Jeffrey Conn
2018 | Case No. E668 | Length 11 pgs.
This case examines the organizational growing pains of Rwandan social venture Earth Enable and Founder/CEO Gayatri Datar. The case focuses on the numerous management and organizational challenges Datar faces as she attempts to scale her low-cost flooring business beyond 1,000 annual customers. Students will be confronted with numerous general management issues including company theft, under-performing middle management layers, ineffectual management, enterprise resource planning/general management systems, and incentive-based compensation issues.

Learning Objective

Students will discuss the fortitude and skill required by Datar to address and overcome numerous pressing management challenges, some of which are criminal in nature. Teaching goals include frameworks for designing standard company operating procedures, the importance of enterprise resource planning and company dashboards, and the complexities of operating social ventures in developing economies.
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