Executive Women at Link.Com

By Joanne Martin, Debra Meyerson
1996 | Case No. OB33

Consists of eight separate parts. These parts can be used separately, a few at a time, or all eight at once. Link.Com: A Silicon Valley Legend is a short introduction that provides a brief overview of the company. Link.Com is a large, multinational computer company, with a spectacular growth and profitability record. Organization charts show the structure of the firm and the positions of the eight top-ranking women in the company (seven of whom contributed to this series of cases). This material can be used to introduce any of the seven individual stories that follow: Natalie Kramer’s Story, Ana Ibarra’s Story, Denise Brousseau’s Story, Patricia Sullivan’s Story, Kathleen Casey’s Story, Mariana Torcelli’s Story, and Masako Harada’s Story. Teaching Note available.

This material is available for download by current Stanford GSB students, faculty, and staff, as well as Stanford GSB alumni. For inquires, contact the Case Writing Office. Download