Fitness Anywhere

By R. Ellis, Garth Saloner, Alex Tauber
2006 | Case No. E211
The case starts by describing a typical day in the life of Randy Hetrick, the founder and sole full-time employee of Fitness Anywhere. Hetrick starts his work day on Friday, September 10, 2004, at 6:00 a.m. By 8:30 p.m., he has accomplished a lot. However, he has only been able to get to a few items on his morning’s to-do list … and his list is growing by the day. The case then chronicles the creation of Fitness Anywhere – from how Hetrick developed the product as a Navy SEAL; to how he put together a business plan for commercializing the product during his two years at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business; to his first full year of operations, 2003/2004. In describing the first full year of operations, the case focuses on Hetrick’s fundraising efforts, the product’s development, and the three market segments that he has targeted –military, commercial health fitness, and retail. By September 2004, Hetrick surveys the major topics on his to-do list. He starts with the activities that need to be completed to generate military sales, commercial sales, and retail sales; to the activities related to protecting the product’s intellectual property; to completing a business plan, deciding his fundraising strategy, and raising capital before the company runs out of it; to hiring his core team.
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