GlobeOp (C); The Financial Crisis and its Aftermath, 2008-2010

By Glenn Carroll, David Hoyt
2011 | Case No. OD6C
The financial crisis that began in 2008 had enormous impact on the financial markets, as well as on GlobeOp, by then a leader in middle- and back-office support services and fund administration for hedge funds and other investors. The crisis created a great deal of short-term work for GlobeOp, but also a decrease in revenue as funds shrunk and assets under administration (AuA) decreased (the company’s revenue was heavily dependent on AuA). It also created opportunities, as investors insisted on increased transparency and independent fund administration. This case describes GlobeOp’s response to the turmoil of 2008-2009. The company focused on efficiency and client satisfaction, and by 2010, AuA and revenue were at record levels. GlobeOp now faced new challenges. It was beginning to diversify beyond hedge funds, which created marketing and selling challenges. The organization was also maturing, having moved beyond its founding group, but still heavily controlled from the top.
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