Handspring - "Partnerships"

By Janet Feldstein, Christopher Flanagan, Charles Holloway
2002 | Case No. SM79
This case introduces Handspring, a manufacturer of handheld devices, and concentrates particularly on the company’s and founders’ historical and forward-looking relationships. At the time of the case Handspring is generating approximately $500 million annually in sales, and is a leading brand of PDAs. The company founders are Donna Dubinsky, Ed Colligan, and Jeff Hawkins, the “legendary” team that developed Palm Computing’s handheld PDA in 1992. The founders look back to their founding and the rationale for striking out on their own from Palm, and the lessons learned and different paths followed in this second company founding. The case focuses on the creation, valuation and nurture of Handspring’s myriad relationships including supplier and manufacturer relationships, marketing agreements, and new business partnerships.
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