Harry's Shaving

By David Dodson, Jessica Morgan
2015 | Case No. E561 | Length 11 pgs.

The case discusses the growth of a startup, Harry’s Shaving, and some of the cultural issues the firm has encountered since inception.  The company acquired a factory in Germany to manufacture razor blades for its online business.  The case addresses two different culturally sensitive issues in the factory.  The first involves how to deal with the transition of a senior manager in the factory.  The second issue relates to differing views of gender issues in the workplace.  

Learning Objective

This case is themed around culture and values, and to a lesser extent international operations. The conflicts take place principally between the culture/values of the German factory, versus the United State operations—but the hope is that the lessons can be applied to a varied range of situations. Students will have to role play how to handle the transition of a senior manager in the factory, while respecting cultural differences. Students will also have to decide how to approach issues in the factory regarding the treatment of women. They will have to decide when they need to accept the culture in an institution versus changing the culture and imposing their own point of view.
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