HearstLab in 2019: Igniting Innovation and Empowering Women

By Amy Wilkinson, Blake Kavanaugh
2019 | Case No. E691 | Length 16 pgs.

In 2019, Eve Burton, Chairwoman of HearstLab and Chief Legal Officer at Hearst Corporation, knew that HearstLab was at a key inflection point for growth—with opportunities to take on additional capital and expand internationally.

HearstLab is an incubator focused on early-stage, women-led start-ups innovating across media, business information, and technology, HearstLab provided capital, office space in New York City’s Hearst Tower, and access to Hearst’s resources, while taking an equity interest in the companies. The Lab was started in 2015 with the goals of increasing visibility and opportunity for women both inside and outside of Hearst, create value from investing in women-led start-ups, and continuing to bring innovation to Hearst.

Learning Objective

Introduce students to Charles A. O’Reilly and Michael L. Tushman’s Ambidextrous Leadership Framework and Amy Wilkinson’s Six Essential Skills Framework. Discuss how protagonist exhibits key traits and how Hearst could institutionalize these traits.
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