New Leaders: A New Paradigm in Educational Leadership

By Gloria Chie Lee, Joey Gutierrez
2023 | Case No. E854 | Length 16 pgs.
New Leaders, a U.S.-based not-for-profit 501c3 organization founded in 2000 that provides leadership training for K12 school principals, along with programs for teacher leaders and principal supervisors. By the time of the case, they had served over 8000 leaders in 45 cities and had independent evaluations that demonstrated higher student academic outcomes in schools led by principals they had trained. Although the organization was financially stable, it was heavily reliant on philanthropy. CEO Jean Desravines sought a way to diversify revenue sources and further scale their impact. To that end, they partnered with Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, two HBCUs to create a partially online, tuition-based national principal certification program. At the time of the case, they are weighing the data from their first cohort, discussing their path forward and considering strategic questions about how best to maximize their impact.

Learning Objective

This case is suitable for courses on social entrepreneurship, not-for-profit management and strategy. It is designed to help students think about the challenges of and opportunities for maximizing efficacy, financial health and scale in social impact organizations. Specifically, by discussing this case, students will:
  • analyze the strategy of changing a successful existing program in an established organization to create a model that is more scalable and financially sustainable
  • consider the opportunities and challenges of a partnership to scale impact
  • understand a variety of revenue models for social impact organizations
  • unpack common trade-offs and tensions between financial sustainability, efficacy and scale; and identify conditions and strategic choices that can support organizations maximize financial sustainability, efficacy and scale.
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