New Vine Logistics: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management in the U.S. Vine Industry

By Seungjin Whang, Alyssa J. Rapp
2005 | Case No. GS45 | Length 20 pgs.

New Vine Logistics was founded in 2001 by Katie Schumacher, a member of the failed start-up operational team. Ms. Schumacher believed that Wineshopper’s approach to inventory management, logistics, and general operational challenges rampant in the U.S. wine industry had value and managed to get funding to resuscitate Wineshopper’s assets. The case provides background of the U.S. wine industry, including consumption figures, consumer demographics, and general industry trends, and explains the regulatory environment governing the U.S. wine industry. It then discusses New Vine Logistic’s competencies and value propositions to its various customers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and retailer of wine.

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