The Opioid Epidemic: Responses to the Crisis (B)

By Ken Shotts, Sheila Melvin
2020 | Case No. ETH18B | Length 5 pgs.
Between 1999 and 2017, almost 400,000 Americans died from an opioid overdose. An average of 130 died each day in 2017, six times the daily rate in 1999. These deaths were caused by both prescription opioids and illegal opioids like heroin and illicitly manufactured fentanyl, or IMF. The most common drugs involved in prescription opioid overdose deaths were methadone, oxycodone (like OxyContin), and hydrocodone (like Vicodin). The A case, which is intended for use in a business ethics class, describes the background to and explores the causes of the current opioid epidemic. This B case follows on the A case and outlines responses to the crisis as of 2020.
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