By Rob Chess, Peter Reiss. Justin Randolph
2013 | Case No. E476 | Length 33 pgs.

The case profiles the protagonist, Chas Eggert, CEO of OPXBIO—a bio-based, renewable chemicals startup—as he decides on the job positions and specific individuals and candidates to hire after a recent successful round of venture financing. The case provides an overview of OPXBIO, its company history, and the company’s technology, as well as its founding team. It discusses the company’s upcoming goals and objectives, and its human resource needs. It provides an overview of potential job positions to fill, as well as specific job candidates for those positions. Given the company’s limited financial resources, it discusses the main considerations Eggert must debate in order to decide upon the positions and individuals to hire.

Learning Objective

To require students to consider the specific challenges, faced by early-stage businesses, in operating within an environment of limited resources and myriad business requirements. To have students prioritize those limited resources on the most critical needs of the business in the immediate term.

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