Pepsi Cola Pakistan: Franchising & Product Line Management

By Wasim Azhar, Davina Drabkin
2008 | Case No. IB84
In July, 1991, Irfan Mustafa, West Asia Area Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Pepsi Cola Pakistan Incorporated (PCI), faced several dilemmas. First, as part of the 7-Up acquisition, Mustafa had to convince the remaining Pakistani 7-Up bottlers to sell their plants to PCI bottlers and oversee the resulting integration. Second, Pepsi Cola International had shifted focus to its global brands, and since acquiring 7-Up International in 1986, had withdrawn all marketing and technical support for Pepsi’s local yet successful Pakistani brand, Teem. In light of the focus on global brands, Mustafa needed to determine the role of each brand in his portfolio (Pepsi, 7-Up, Teem, and Mirinda), with particular focus on 7-Up and Teem. Lastly, in an effort to distinguish 7-Up from Teem, formerly competitors, PCI had developed Cloudy Teem—a milky colored lemon-lime soft drink. Mustafa had to assess whether Cloudy Teem had major growth potential and if so, figure out how to role it out across Pakistan despite resistance from his bottlers. This case explores Mustafa’s dilemmas, also touching on urban versus rural marketing and distribution challenges.
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