Rina Castillo Implementing Asset Allocation Principles

By George Parker, Alan Rappaport, Jaclyn Foroughi
2013 | Case No. F307 | Length 9 pgs.
Rina Castillo lived the American Dream. A recent graduate of the Stanford School of Engineering, she was the first in her family not only to leave her native Mexico but also to attend and graduate from a university. While at Stanford, Castillo received a cash and stock offer for the advertising network she founded, which left her in a unique and newfound situation of wealth. This case describes a hypothetical investor faced with the challenges of investment strategy and asset allocation implementation, service provider selection, fee structure effects, and passive versus active investing, and rebalancing.

Learning Objective

Provide students with an opportunity to analyze wealth management and private investing issues raised in the case in order to develop a comprehensive wealth management strategy.
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